Yoga with Suvi Marika

Suvi Marika welcomes you to another 5 weeks of Outdoor Yoga in Merimbula and Tathra! You are of course welcome to attend sessions casually, class by class. Classes run for 45 minutes.

Total cost of block: $60.

Casual attendance: $15.

Location will be announced each week to give you a chance to enjoy our beautiful outdoors in changing locations!

Suvi Marika aims to guide you through Hatha Yoga classes that are fun, safe and accessible for all levels. One week we may be focussing on a more dynamic class, the next may be offer a more restorative class with a slower flow to give you variety within this five week block.

Please get in touch with Suvi Marika and Tarryn Lucas Fitness via Facebook: Tarryn Lucas Fitness
Phone: 0421 989 433

Or simply come and chat to Suvi Marika at reception in Beach Street Centre, Merimbula!