At Beach Street Centre, we believe that dental care is paramount for your entire wellbeing. Our nurses and receptionists will make you feel right at home. The dentists are committed to providing quality care, continuing dental education and will do everything to meet your expectations. The practice is well equipped with three modern dental chairs, offering you the best comfort and experience available.

The dental services available include:

  • Comprehensive examination
  • General hygiene therapies (scale, clean, polish)
  • Periodontal health maintenance & deeper cleaning
  • Digital X-rays (low radiation exposure) with excellent analysing software
  • Direct restorations using tooth-coloured, biocompatible material (amalgam free)
  • On-site fabrication of crown and bridge work (single visit treatment for selected cases – CEREC technology)
  • Orthodontics – braces, aligners, jaw expanders and dental plates to correct and enhance smiles and/or to support children’s growth and development
  • Whitening/bleaching and take-home kits
  • Safe protocol for amalgam removal procedures, including detox protocols where indicated
  • Extractions, minor oral surgery, and wound care
  • Emergency & relief of pain
  • Denture and dental appliances
  • Night guard/occlusal splint construction to manage tooth grinding/clenching to prevent tooth wear or breakage and alleviate certain TMJ dysfunction
  • Mandibular advancement devices to assist in managing sleep apnoea
  • Veneers and complex restorative
  • Wisdom teeth assessment, surgery (for select cases) and referral if indicated
  • Root canal therapy and referral if indicated